About Us

Schian Commercial Construction brings to you leadership in the tenant improvements  industry since 1986. We have a full staff of experienced professionals with one goal in mind – getting the construction phase of your project completed in the fastest time possible, without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

We have design staff who are versed in city, county and health department codes, who can help you create a store design which is aesthetic while providing efficiency to maximize the production of your staff.

We have permits staff who provide the necessary services to obtain your building and health department clearances and approvals.

We are staffed with construction professionals in various trades, so we can take care of the construction of your project ourselves, providing for increased control and enhanced service to you.

We have repair and maintenance staff available to handle your warranty and repair work in the future, to maintain your store so that it continues to operate efficiently and maintains its compliance with the Health Department requirements.

Contact us today and let us get started on your project.